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Libri per ragazzi

La maledizione del cuore fantasma

di Carlo Deffenu

editore: Watson Edizioni

Corrado Scala è un ragazzino di dodici anni, vive con i genitori, un fratellino di otto anni e conduce un’esisten

Alice se Avonture in Wonderland

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Afrikaans edition

di Lewis Carroll

editore: Lewis Carroll

Alice voel verveeld en moeg terwyl sy saam met haar ouer suster op die rivier gaan sit, wat 'n boek lees sonder foto's


di G. G. Vega

editore: G. G. Vega

Un uomo si avventurò nelle regioni aride del Sahara, aveva l'intenzione di attraversarlo, cominciò il suo viaggio in Tunisia,

Some Faces in the Crowd

di Budd Schulberg

editore: Forgotten Books

He beams on me

Tales Told in Holland

di Olive Beaupré Miller

editore: Forgotten Books

There is at least one story from each of the eleven Dutch Provinces, Which form the kingdom of the Netherlands; fanciful folk

Susan Hopley, or the Adventures of a Maid-Servant

di Catherine Crowe

editore: Forgotten Books

Thus they lived happily enough till Susan was thirteen, and Andrew ten; but then the always infirm health of the mo ther began

Lessons in Elocution, or a Selection of Pieces in Prose and Verse, for the Improvement of Youth in Reading and Speaking, as Well as for the Perusal of Persons of Taste

With an Appendix, Containing Concise Lessons on a New Plan, and Principles of English Grammar

di William Scott

editore: Forgotten Books

Men commonly owe their virtue or their vice to edu cation as much as to nature

Sixth Year Literature Reader

di Leroy E. Armstrong

editore: Forgotten Books

Having endeavored to make adequate provision for helpful variety and a sure approach to the library, we turn now to a consider

Java Ho!

The Adventures of Four Boys Amid Fire, Storm and Shipwreck

di Johan Wigmore Fabricius

editore: Forgotten Books

His life shows how a man should live

Chéri, And, the Last of Chéri

di Colette

editore: Forgotten Books

Ive it me, Lea, give me your pearl necklace! Do you G hear me, Lea? Give me your pearls! No answer came from the huge brass-be

The Yellow Book

An Illustrated Quarterly; July, 1894

Autori vari

editore: Forgotten Books

Too much embarrassed to make the right apology (which, to be right, would have been without any embarrassment at all) I entere

The Widow's Son

A Story of Jewish Life of the Past

di I. N. Lichtenberg

editore: Forgotten Books

But not alone was the castle in its still, cold majesty a contrast to the village; it also suffered from a like evil, for dire

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