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Economia e Finanza

Dall'Oro al Bitcoin - Seconda edizione

di Stefano Tonelli

editore: Youcanprint

Dall'Oro al Bitcoin, in questa seconda edizione rivista e corretta, propone un viaggio nel denaro moderno per scoprirne i segr

Lavoro oggi

Le nuove assunzioni ai tempi dei social network

di Cristina Poma

editore: Publisher s20109

Il reclutamento e la selezione hanno subìto notevoli cambiamenti nel corso degli anni

Compound and Simple Interest Tables

Also a Few Hints as to the Advantages of Saving

di Quincy Savings Bank

editore: Forgotten Books

The smallest deposit shall not be less than one dollar, and the largest (in the name of one person) not to exceed one thousand


A Book About Tobacco; Its History, Legends, Literature, Cultivation, Social and Hygienic Influences, Commercial Development, Industrial Processes and Governmental Regulation

di Carl Avery Werner

editore: Forgotten Books

Origin Of the, words Tobacco, Cigar, and Ciga rette — Impressions of the earliest Explorers

Brief Reporting Notes in Shorthand, or Shorthand Dictation Exercises

With Printed Key, and the Matter Counted and Timed for Testing of Speed Either in Shorthand or Typewriting, Engraved in the Advanced Reporting Style of Pitman's Shorthand

di Isaac Pitman

editore: Forgotten Books

HE present collection of shorthand reading matter in the Advanced Reporting Style of Pitman's Shorthand, with

Modern Farm Building

Being Suggestions for the Most Approved Ways of Designing the Cow Barn, Dairy, Horse Barn, Hay Barn, Sheepcote, Piggery, Manure Pit, Chicken House, Root Cellar, Ice House, and Other Buildings of the Farm Group, on Practical, Sanitary and Artistic Lines

di Alfred Hopkins

editore: Forgotten Books

VI plans 0f farm barns At Oyster Bay, L

The Quartermaster Corps

Organization, Supply, and Services

di Erna Risch

editore: Forgotten Books

This volume is the second in a series which records the experiences of the Quartermaster Corps in World War II

The Mountain People of Kentucky

An Account of Present Conditions With the Attitude of the People Toward Improvement

Autori vari

editore: Forgotten Books

The rapid progress of the Mountain People in spite of their disadvantages shows that they are responsive to the spirit of the

Anaheim, Southern California

Its History, Climate, Soil and Advantages for Home Seekers and Settlers

di Anaheim Immigration Association

editore: Forgotten Books

It is hoped that of the thousands who read the following pages, hundreds may be induced thereby to come to our town and spy ou

Wages in the United Kingdom in the Nineteenth Century

Notes for the Use of Students of Social

di Arthur Lyon Bowley

editore: Forgotten Books

The following notes were originally prepared for the New-march Lectures at University College, London, in 1898; but since deli

York State Rural Problems

di L. H. Bailey

editore: Forgotten Books

Usually the city boy has had so much access to amusement and entertainment and has grown up with SO many physical conveniences

General View of the Agriculture in the County of Somerset

With Observations on the Means of Its Improvement

di John Billingsley

editore: Forgotten Books

It is requested, that this Paper, may be returned to the Board of Agriculture, at its Office in London, with any additional re

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