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Chain Stores

Their Management and Operation

di Walter S. Hayward

editore: Forgotten Books

The purpose of this book is to set forth the principles of chain store Operation, organization, management, and control

Models and Managers

The Concept of a Decision Calculus

di John D. C. Little

editore: Forgotten Books

The big problem with management science models is that practically nobody uses them

Nozioni di marketing per le aziende agrituristiche

Uno strumento per orientarsi sul mercato internazionale e nazionale e a sviluppare nuove politiche di attrazione del cliente

di Agr. Francesco Zenobi

editore: Agr. Francesco Zenobi

nel libro si affrontano le maggiori problematiche che le aziende agrituristiche incontrano nella promozione della loro immagin

The Story of the Films

As Told by Leaders of the Industry to the Students of the Graduate School of Business Administration, George F. Baker Foundation, Harvard University

di Joseph P. Kennedy

editore: Forgotten Books

The pictures are also more elastic than spoken plays, set in stationary backgrounds, can ever be

The Science of Strategy-Making

Managerial Methods and Planner Programs

di Henry Mintzberg

editore: Forgotten Books

Man's beginnings were described in the Bible in terms of conscious planning and grand strategy

A Knowledge-Based Approach to Assisting in Data Quality Judgement

di Yeona Jang

editore: Forgotten Books

It is worth noting relationship between quality parameters and quality indicators

Tricks of the Press

A Lecture

di Herr Glessner Creel

editore: Forgotten Books

Jennie's trouble was that she recited rather than wrote what she had to say

My Life in Advertising

di Claude C. Hopkins

editore: Forgotten Books

That fact will be emphasized again and again in this book

The Diary of an Ad Man

The War Years June 1, 1942-December 31, 1943

di James Webb Young

editore: Forgotten Books

A few weeks later I began a routine of making daily notes for such a book, but found myself handi capped by the lack of histor

The Psychology of Advertising in Theory and Practice

A Simple Exposition of the Principles of Psychology in Their Relation to Successful Advertising

di Walter Dill Scott

editore: Forgotten Books

We would not call upon an architect to construct a modern Office building unless he knew something of the theory of architectu

How to Deal With Human Nature in Business

A Practical Book on Doing Business by Correspondence, Advertising, and Salesmanship

di Sherwin Cody

editore: Forgotten Books

How to write one hundred good letters a day Form-sentences — When to use a form-letter When not to use form-letters — System i

Manuale di Problem Solving

di Valentina Pazienza

editore: HOW2 Edizioni

Il Problem Solving è la moderna Arte di Risolvere i Problemi, dai più grandi ai più piccoli

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