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The Origins of the Internet

The Origins of the Internet
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titolo The Origins of the Internet
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collana Viella Historical Research
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pubblicazione 2017
ISBN 9788867289080

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From 1995 to the present day the number of Internet users has increased from 16 million to 3.7 billion. What are the reasons for such an extraordinary success? This book reconstructs the origins of the Internet from the period following the Second World War to the dissemination of the World Wide Web. It not only considers the technological innovations but also explores the cultural, social and political contexts in which the net developed.
The authors interpret the evolution of the “network of networks” as a process in which, at each stage, the solutions devised by its creators were the most functional to their needs and the most suitable to the times in which they operated. Despite its military origins, it was the users themselves who built the net: a community of researchers, for the most part academics, whose goal was the advancement of knowledge. As a result, and particularly with the advent of email at the beginning of the 1970s, the web was endowed with user-oriented features that continue to characterise it today.


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Internet, the Web and Contemporary Globalization
pag. 8
Toward a History of the Net
pag. 19
1. Baran and Davies: Spanning the Atlantic
pag. 28
The Sputnik Challenge
pag. 28
pag. 32
From Radars to the Net via the Brain
pag. 38
pag. 44
pag. 48
2. Joseph C.R. Licklider
pag. 56
The Birth of the Information Processing Techniques Office
pag. 56
Psychoacoustics and Networks
pag. 58
“Man-Computer Symbiosis”
pag. 64
Libraries of the Future
pag. 72
3. The IPTO from Licklider to Taylor
pag. 80
An “Intergalactic Network”
pag. 80
Time-Sharing at the IPTO
pag. 84
Graphics and “Dynamic Modeling”
pag. 89
From Sutherland to Taylor
pag. 94
4. Roberts and the Others: Building the Network
pag. 102
Closing the Circle
pag. 102
A Collaborative Project
pag. 106
The Birth and Early Development of the Network
pag. 111
Research and Politics during the Vietnam Years
pag. 116
pag. 123
“The Computer as a Communication Device:” Networks and Mental Models
pag. 128
5. Epilogue
pag. 134
From Arpanet to Internet
pag. 134
PC, Networks and Protocols
pag. 140
Uniforms and Sneakers
pag. 148
The “Protocols War”
pag. 151
pag. 162
pag. 164
pag. 168

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