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Inspirational Tech Gurus Quotes

Inspirational Tech Gurus Quotes
titolo Inspirational Tech Gurus Quotes
sottotitolo What Can We Learn From Tech Gurus?
argomenti Narrativa > Humor
Saggistica > Biografie, Marketing, Religione e Spiritualità, Scienze sociali
editore Mobile Library
formato Ebook - Epub , Pdf , Mobi
pubblicazione 2017
ISBN 9788826093062

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We learn a lot from each other's experience and we believe that those who changed the technology world have a lot to teach us.

That's why we organized this curated collection of quotes ideas from four tech gurus.

STEVE JOBS - One man that changed Apple and the way the word of technology words and thinks about the products.

BILL GATES - Someone that not only made Microsoft a global company but also changed the way the personal computer shaped the word.

JIMMY WALES - As one of the founders of Wikipedia project, he definitely changed the way knowledge is accessible in the world.

LARRY PAGE - When he decided to join efforts with Sergey Brin to create Google, the world of economy and technology started the biggest changes of our times.

This selected collection of inspiring quotes of these famous authors can teach us all so much.

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